New CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Exam Questions – Read Free SY0-601 Practice Questions First

New CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 Exam Questions – Read Free SY0-601 Practice Questions First

Earning CompTIA Security+ certification opens the door to your cybersecurity career. It is required to pass SY0-601 exam to complete the CompTIA Security+ certification. But how to pass SY0-601 exam smoothly and successfully? The effective way is choosing new CompTIA Security+ SY0-601 exam questions as the preparation materials. Perfect SY0-601 exam questions of ITPrepare are available online, which could be the best study guide to practice the SY0-601 exam questions and answers regularly and thoroughly.

Read Free SY0-601 Practice Questions First To Find ITPrepare Is Great

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1. A network engineer needs to build a solution that will allow guests at the company’s headquarters to access the Internet via WiFi. This solution should not allow access to the internal corporate network, but it should require guests to sign off on the acceptable use policy before accessing the Internet .

Which of the following should the engineer employ to meet these requirements?

2. An organization is developing a plan in the event of a complete loss of critical systems and data .

Which of the following plans is the organization MOST likely developing?

3. A security analyst receives a SIEM alert that someone logged in to the appadmin test account, which is only used for the early detection of attacks.

The security analyst then reviews the following application log:

Which of the following can the security analyst conclude?

4. A user reports constant lag and performance issues with the wireless network when working at a local coffee shop. A security analyst walks the user through an installation of Wireshark and get a five-minute pcap to analyze.

The analyst observes the following output:

Which of the following attacks does the analyst MOST likely see in this packet capture?

5. A network administrator is setting up wireless access points in all the conference rooms and wants to authenticate device using PKI .

Which of the following should the administrator configure?

6. In which of the following common use cases would steganography be employed?

7. A RAT that was used to compromise an organization’s banking credentials was found on a user’s computer. The RAT evaded antivirus detection. It was installed by a user who has local administrator rights to the system as part of a remote management tool set .

Which of the following recommendations would BEST prevent this from reoccurring?

8. An organization has a growing workforce that is mostly driven by additions to the sales department. Each newly hired salesperson relies on a mobile device to conduct business.

The Chief Information Officer (CIO) is wondering it the organization may need to scale down just as quickly as it scaled up. The ClO is also concerned about the organization's security and customer privacy .

Which of the following would be BEST to address the ClO’s concerns?

9. Which of the following allows for functional test data to be used in new systems for testing and training purposes to protect the read data?

10. A website developer is working on a new e-commerce website and has asked an information security expert for the most appropriate way to store credit card numbers to create an easy reordering process .

Which of the following methods would BEST accomplish this goal?


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