Earn Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification: Useful PMP Exam Questions and Answers

Earn Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification: Useful PMP Exam Questions and Answers

Get useful PMP exam questions and answers from ITPrepare to help you on your way to success. We believe that our updated exam questions and answers will give you the confidence and knowledge you need to succeed in your Project Management Professional (PMP) certification journey. ITPrepare will provide you with useful PMP questions and answers, tips, and strategies to pass the PMP certification exam. We will also guide you on the best practices to implement in order to manage projects more efficiently. Gain the confidence to become a certified project manager and build a successful career.

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1. During the implementation stage of a project. a newly appointed team leader approaches the project manager to verify the team's tasks and schedule. The work did not go as planned due to the team leader's lack of management experience. This could cause delays for the project.

What should the project manager do?

2. A project manager presented the project schedule to the mam stakeholders They have requested that the project be completed two months earlier than the scheduled date

What should the project manager do?

3. 1.An agile project is running activities to define the minimum viable product (MVP) During the session, the project manager identifies some mandatory regulations but there is no consensus to include these regulations in the MVP because it may extend the duration of the project

What should the project manager do?

4. A new project manager learns the work assigned to the team has already been decomposed to its lowest level. The project manager reviews the work and feels some additional useful information is missing.

What should the project manager review?


A hospital is running a project for one of their internal critical systems to manage billing patient data and record management along with consultation reports and input from physicians. The project manager now needs to categorize the identified risks

Drag each risk type on the left to its correct example on the right

6. A team member misses a project meeting without it being approved and has been penalized as defined in the ground rules. This team member, as well as other team members, insist that it is the first time they have seen this rule regarding the project and they do not agree with the penalty

What should the project manager have done to avoid this situation?

7. During the review of a project's list of deliverables, one of the stakeholders expressed concern that one of the requirements will not be addressed .

What should the project manager do?

8. The project manager is having difficulty obtaining approval of the project requirements because there is disagreement among the project stakeholders This issue is putting the project schedule at risk

What should the project manager do first to facilitate the approval of project requirements'?

9. An experienced project manager is managing a multi-million dollar agile project. The project manager communicates the ground rules to the team but after 12 iterations, the project manager starts noticing that some team members are not following the ground rules.

What should the project manager do first to ensure team adherence to the ground rules?

10. During the daily meetings with the team the project manager notices that a new team member is not making the expected progress on an assigned task.

What should the project manager do?


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