Best Project Management Professional PMP Exam Dumps [Updated 2022]

Best Project Management Professional PMP Exam Dumps [Updated 2022]

You can choose the best Project Management Professional PMP exam dumps, which were updated in 2022 to prepare for the PMP exam well. The most updated PMP exam dumps contain 1376 practice questions and answers to be fully prepared. We have free PMP dumps demo questions, which will show candidates the efficiency of the experts in creating successful practice questions and answers for the PMP Project Management Professional exam. Upon understanding the PMP free dumps demo below, you can move on to make a decision to purchase the best PMP exam dumps.

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1. During the execution phase of a healthcare IT project, stakeholders made a change request regarding user requirements There is no remaining budget available to cover that change request.

What should the project manager do next?

2. A project manager created a contingency plan associated with a risk. The risk was realized, but the client insists on using a new workaround instead. The requested workaround will introduce delays and require additional budget

What should the project manager do?

3. A project team has recently completed the initial sprint for developing an automated payroll system for a company. The project manager has scheduled a sprint planning meeting with the product owner and team members to discuss which features should be worked on next

Which two pieces of information does the project manager need in order to make this meeting productive and effective? (Choose two)

4. A team has been struggling with various issues during the course of an iteration. The project lead facilitates a discussion of the issues and the team forms new team agreements. During the next iteration, some of the same issues appear again

What should the project lead do next?

5. A new project manager is planning an information security project for a company that resides in different countries .

What is the first step the project manager should take to gather customer requirements?

6. The project manager of an agile project has been asked to reduce the budget by 30% Since this is a small project team, the budget is primarily allocated to resources

What strategy should the project manager use in order to keep delivering value in a restricted environment?

7. At the end of a meeting a functional manager takes the project manager aside to raise some concerns on behalf of a project team member who is unclear about their role and responsibilities for the project.

What should the project manager do in this situation?

8. The programming activities of a project were planned to last 35 days per module but the programming of the first module has taken 45 days.

What should the project manager do?

9. A team is ready to start working on a project with a customer who was very difficult to work with in the past because the customer was unable to describe exactly what they wanted.

What approach should the project manager take to remove this impediment?

10. An agile project is running its fifth iteration out of eight After the last iteration planning the team was informed that there is a new competitor in the market and it is necessary to move faster to ensure market share is not missed.

What should the project manager do?


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