SAA-C02 Exam Questions Free – Test SAA-C02 Free Questions Online

SAA-C02 Exam Questions Free – Test SAA-C02 Free Questions Online

Candidates are required to answer SAA-C02 exam successfully to earn the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification. This certification helps organizations identify and develop talent with critical skills for implementing cloud initiatives. Earning AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate validates the ability to design and implement distributed systems on AWS. SAA-C02 exam questions free contain multiple choice and multiple response, which make you test SAA-C02 free questions online.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate SAA-C02 Exam Questions Free

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1. A company has an ecommerce application that stores data in an on-premises SQL database. The company has decided to migrate this database to AWS. However, as part of the migration, the company wants to find a way to attain sub-millisecond responses to common read requests

A solutions architect knows that the increase in speed is paramount and that a small percentage of stale data returned in the database reads is acceptable.

What should the solutions architect recommend'?

2. A company has a stateless web application that runs on AWS Lambda functions that are invoked by Amazon API Gateway. The company wants to deploy the application across multiple AWS Regions to provide Regional failover capabilities.

What should a solutions architect do to route traffic to multiple Regions?

3. A company needs to provide its employees with secure access to confidential and sensitive files. The company wants to ensure that the tiles can be accessed only by authorized users. The files must be downloaded securely to the employees' devices.

The files are stored in an on-premises Windows file server. However, due to an increase in remote usage, the file server is running out of capacity.

Which solution will meet these requirements?

4. A company has developed a microservices application. It uses a client-facing API with Amazon API Gateway and multiple internal services hosted on Amazon EC2 instances to process user requests. The API is designed to support unpredictable surges in traffic, but internal services may become overwhelmed and unresponsive for a period of time during surges A solutions architect needs to design a more reliable solution that reduces errors when internal services become unresponsive or unavailable

Which solution meets these requirements?

5. A company has a service that produces event data. The company wants to use AWS to process the event data as it is received. The data is written in a specific order that must be maintained throughout processing. The company wants to implement a solution that minimizes operational overhead.

How should a solutions architect accomplish this?

6. A company is running a web application on Amazon EC2 instances in an Auto Scaling group. The application uses a database that runs on an Amazon RDS for PostgreSQL DB instance. The application performs slowly as traffic increases, and the database experiences a heavy read load during periods of high traffic.

Which actions should a solutions architect take to resolve these performance issues? (Select TWO.)

7. A company's packaged application dynamically creates and returns single-use text files in response to user requests. The company is using Amazon CloudFront for distribution^ but wants to further reduce data transfer costs. The company cannot modify the application's source code.

What should a solutions architect do to reduce costs?

8. A company is developing a new online gaming application. The application will run on Amazon EC2 instances in multiple AWS Regions and will have a high number of globally distributed users A solutions architect must design the application to optimize network latency for the users.

Which actions should the solutions architect take to meet these requirements? (Select TWO.)

9. A company runs a web application that is backed by Amazon RDS. A new database administrator caused data loss by accidentally editing information in a database table To help recover from this type of incident, the company wants the ability to restore the database to its state from 5 minutes before any change within the last 30 days.

Which feature should the solutions architect include in the design to meet this requirement?

10. An administrator of a large company wants to monitor for and prevent any cryptocurrency-related attacks on the company's AWS accounts.

Which AWS service can the administrator use to protect the company against attacks?


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