New AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam SAA-C03 Dumps Online [2022]

New AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate Exam SAA-C03 Dumps Online [2022]

Candidates may know clearly about the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification. It helps organizations identify and develop talent with critical skills for implementing cloud initiatives. Earning the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate certification requires you have the correct exam:

  1. Pass the SAA-C02 exam successfully. (SAA-C02 is retiring on August 29, 2022)
  2. Pass the SAA-C03 exam successfully. (The registration to be able to book your SAA-C03 exam opens on July 26th, 2022, and the SAA-C03 will be available to take from August 30, 2022.)

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Try to read the SAA-C03 free dumps to check the new SAA-C03 dumps:

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1. A company launched a website that accepts high-quality photos and turns them into a downloadable video montage. The website offers a free and a premium account that guarantees faster processing. All requests by both free and premium members go through a single SQS queue and then processed by a group of EC2 instances that generate the videos. The company needs to ensure that the premium users who paid for the service have higher priority than the free members.

How should the company re-design its architecture to address this requirement?

2. One of your EC2 instances is reporting an unhealthy system status check. The operations team is looking for an easier way to monitor and repair these instances instead of fixing them manually .

How will you automate the monitoring and repair of the system status check failure in an AWS environment?

3. In order to pass the compliance requirements, the solution must ensure the security, integrity, and durability of the log data. It should also provide an event history of all API calls made in AWS Management Console and AWS CLI.

Which of the following solutions is the best fit for this scenario?

4. A multi-tiered application hosted in your on-premises data center is scheduled to be migrated to AWS. The application has a message broker service which uses industry standard messaging APIs and protocols that must be migrated as well, without rewriting the messaging code in your application .

Which of the following is the most suitable service that you should use to move your messaging service to AWS?

5. An online shopping platform is hosted on an Auto Scaling group of Spot EC2 instances and uses Amazon Aurora PostgreSQL as its database. There is a requirement to optimize your database workloads in your cluster where you have to direct the write operations of the production traffic to your high-capacity instances and point the reporting queries sent by your internal staff to the low-capacity instances.

Which is the most suitable configuration for your application as well as your Aurora database cluster to achieve this requirement?

6. A company conducted a surprise IT audit on all of the AWS resources being used in the production environment. During the audit activities, it was noted that you are using a combination of Standard and Convertible Reserved EC2 instances in your applications.

Which of the following are the characteristics and benefits of using these two types of Reserved EC2 instances? (Select TWO.)

7. A company is generating confidential data that is saved on their on-premises data center. As a backup solution, the company wants to upload their data to an Amazon S3 bucket. In compliance with its internal security mandate, the encryption of the data must be done before sending it to Amazon S3. The company must spend time managing and rotating the encryption keys as well as controlling who can access those keys.

Which of the following methods can achieve this requirement? (Select TWO.)

8. An organization is currently using a tape backup solution to store its application data on-premises. They plan to use a cloud storage service to preserve the backup data for up to 10 years that may be accessed about once or twice a year.

Which of the following is the most cost-effective option to implement this solution?

9. A Solutions Architect is working for a financial company. The manager wants to have the ability to automatically transfer obsolete data from their S3 bucket to a low-cost storage system in AWS .

What is the best solution that the Architect can provide to them?

10. A popular social network is hosted in AWS and is using a DynamoDB table as its database. There is a requirement to implement a 'follow' feature where users can subscribe to certain updates made by a particular user and be notified via email .

Which of the following is the most suitable solution that you should implement to meet the requirement?


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