QlikView System Administrator QV12SA Real Exam Questions [2022]

QlikView System Administrator QV12SA Real Exam Questions [2022]

QlikView System Administrator QV12SA Real Exam Questions [2022] of ITPrepare are designed in a way giving positive results as they are in line with the real exam requirements. Most students have used the real QV12SA exam questions as the preparation materials, and most of them have passed their QlikView 12 System Administrator Certification Exam. Practicing QV12SA real exam questions again and again is helpful in memorizing the QV12SA real questions and answers, and you will be guaranteed to pass smoothly.

Check QV12SA Free Exam Questions Online Below:

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1. A QlikView server environment is restarted multiple limes. The system administrator finds this message in the QlikView Server event logs:

Restart: Server aborted trying to recover by restart. Reason for restart: Phoenix detected:

Performance monitor stuck.

Which are threepossible causes for this error? (Select three)

2. QlikView users report that when they open the AccessPoint the webpage displays the error messageNo server. The AccessPoint is installed on a server in the DMZ. Both the QlikView Server service and the QlikView Management Service are installed on a single server behind a firewall. The QlikView Server service is running and is working in the QMC.

A system administrator pings the AccessPoint server from the QMC server command-line and receives this response: Request rimed out

What are two likely causes of the error message? (Select two.)

3. 1.When configuring QlikView Server to integrate with Microsoft IIS which QlikView service should be installed on the Microsoft IIS server?

4. A system administrator creates a task for a QlikView document with Section Access implemented. The administrator enters the correct values into the Data Protection fields to allow the QlikView service account to reload the file. When the task runs, it fails to reload the QlikView document

The administrator finds this error message in the QlikView distribution log file:

Error: Document open call failed. The document might require username and password.

What should the administrator do to resolve the task failure?

5. A QlikView Server is using more than 93% of its total memory. Users report slow performance when working within a QlikView document. The Working Set Low value is 70% and the Working Set High value is 90%.

What is causing the performance issue on the server?

6. For which two tasks is the QlikView Server service responsible? (Select two)

7. A system administrator finds this error message in the event log file 500 Warning WorkingSet: Virtual Memory is growing beyond parameters - 22.761(22.393) GB

Which is the cause of the error?

8. There is a QlikView document with separate "City" and "State" fields A system administrator needs to create separate QVW documents each with a singular "City and State" field.

Which method should the system administrator use?

9. A QlikView deployment has poor end user performance when many users view QlikView documents simultaneously. The documents are relatively small and correctly developed. No data reduction tasks are present.

Which service should the administrator cluster to increase performance?

10. The QlikView Distribution Service fails to allocate a QlikView Batch (QVB) engine. The system administrator needs to monitor the QlikView Publisher for 24 hours to determine if the current QlikView Publisher schedule has over-allocated QVB engines.

Which two tools should the administrator use? (Select two)


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