Latest Qlik Sense System Administrator Exam: Qlik QSSA2022 Exam Questions and Answers

Latest Qlik Sense System Administrator Exam: Qlik QSSA2022 Exam Questions and Answers

Candidates need to take the Qlike Sense certification exams 2022 version to complete their certification. For example, the QSSA2022 exam is online for Qlik Sense System Administrator Certification Exam – 2022. ITPrepare is providing comprehensive and up-to-date information about the QSSA2022 exam and the study materials. We will discuss the exam objectives, the types of questions you can expect, and the resources available to help you get certified. Finally, we will provide the latest QSSA2022 exam questions and answers that will help you pass the exam with flying colors.

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1. Business users report that their Qlik Sense app performs slowly in the afternoon. The system administrator needs to check CPU and RAM utilization during that timeframe. The system administrator has access only to the QMC and the hub.

Which tool should the system administrator use to investigate this issue?

2. An organization needs to deploy Qlik Sense Enterprise on Windows to meet several security requirements:

• Users in the 'Developers' group should be able to create apps;

• Users with ContentAdmin and RootAdmin roles should be able to create apps;

• No other users should be able to create apps.

Which two actions should the system administrator take to meet these requirements? (Select two)

3. 1.A system administrator is creating a user directory connector (UDC) for an Active Directory using SSL.

Which path should the administrator use to configure the UDC?

4. A domain user had access and was able to successfully log into the hub the day before. You use the same user and domain credentials to sign in to today's hub and receive this error message: "Your account is inactive. Contact your administrator to activate it".

The user is able to successfully authenticate to the Windows domain network, proxy and internet browsing. The user has not changed the password recently.

What should the system administrator investigate to determine the cause of the problem and resolve?

5. A system administrator needs to schedule a new task for non-working hours in a system with several other tasks. The new task must be scheduled to run at a time when no other tasks are running.

Which two apps should be used find the best time to schedule the new task? (Select two)

6. A system administrator imports an app into Qlik Sense Enterprise. The app was developed with Qlik

Sense Desktop. The app reload fails.

What is causing this error?

7. A company had only one server and later made an additional Qlik server available and configured it as a scheduler node. There is a recharge task that occurs every 30 minutes, every day. When the task is performed, users suffer from poor performance in browsing applications. Then, when analyzing the settings in QMC, the system administrator identifies that the consumption node runs the services: Engine, Scheduler, Repository, and Proxy. The scheduler node runs: Engine, Scheduler, and Repository.

What is the most efficient method for improving performance?

8. Qlik Sense is deployed in a environment using up-to-the-minute data replication software that keeps all storage drives backed up.

A system administrator needs to upgrade the environment to the latest version of Qlik Sense Enterprise.

Which three items should the administrator back up? (Select three)

9. The marketing department creates a content library with all company logos and branding images. All business analysts are instructed to use only those images. Business analysts can NOT see these images when they create the apps.

What should the system administrator review first to troubleshoot this issue?

10. A developer needs to share JavaScript libraries to be used with several extensions. All extensions need to use the same version of the libraries.

Which option should be used?


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