Nutanix NCSE Certification NCSE Level 1 Free Dumps Demo Online

Nutanix NCSE Certification NCSE Level 1 Free Dumps Demo Online

For the best Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer (NCSE): Level 1 exam preparation, you can have the latest NCSE Level 1 exam dumps as the learning materials. We have verified that the Nutanix NCSE Level 1 exam dumps are very effective study materials, candidates can choose and practice all these questions and answers before attending the actual exam. These NCSE Level 1 exam questions of ITPrepare great and our experts made certain that the latest NCSE Level 1 dumps pdf produced you in a position to ace the Nutanix Certified Systems Engineer (NCSE): Level 1 exam in the very first go.

Nutanix NCSE-Level 1 Free Dumps Demo Online For Learning First

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1. A customer is asking for a quote for a hybrid cluster to run general purpose VMs and an ERP application containing a 500GB database. The customer has a VSAN ReadyNode quote already and looking for a comparable Nutanix solution.

They share the following specifications

3 hosts

2 x E5-2640v4 CPU


1 x 480GB SSD

2 x 8TB HDD

2 x 1GB NIC

Which two aspects of the requested configuration should cause concern and need for further discovery? (Choose two.)

2. An SE is meeting with a prospect that is refreshing infrastructure in 100 retail locations. Currently the stores use vSphere hosts connected to direct attached storage and are managed by 6 separate vCenter servers. On-site retail staff is unqualified to deal with any hardware break/fix issues.

Which two aspects of Nutanix solution should the SE highlight? (Choose two)

3. A customer needs to expand an existing cluster to accommodate workloads. The workloads require 5TB of storage capacity (1.2TB of working set data), 64GB of memory, and 10 physical CPU cores.

Their current cluster is configured as follows:

• 4x NX-3060-G5 nodes

• Each node is configured with 2x E5-2620v4 processors (8 Cores each), 128GB RAM, 2x 960GB SSDs, and 4x 2TB HDDs

• The cluster is configured as RF2 and is sized for N+1 availability

• Each CVM is configured with 32GB of memory

To maintain optimal metadata balance and data availability, which configuration should be recommended?

4. A prospect's storage administrator is concerned about deploying Nutanix for their vSphere server virtualization environment due to anticipated increases to data retention for compliance purposes and associated costs.

Which Nutanix feature should an SE discuss to convince the prospect to move forward?

5. Refer to the exhibit.

A prospect provides the data shown captured from their existing environment using RVTools. The prospect has additional historical CPU utilization data that indicates peak CPU utilization never exceeds 50% on either physical host.

Which vCPU:pCore ratio should be used in Sizer?

6. Multi-hypervisor Support

7. A customer is conceded that IT will not be able to take advantage of Nutanix's frequent feature releases due to the man hour requirements of maintaining compliance with industry regulatory controls.

Which item should the SE discuss at the next customer visit with IT?

8. Refer to the exhibit.

***Exhibit is Missing***

Based on the sizing scenario, what level of resiliency can be inferred about the configuration?

9. An SE is working with a financial institution prospect on a VDI environment refresh. The institution currently has 5000 named VDI users, with a peak of 2800 concurrent users.

How many VDI VMs does the SE need to size for, factoring in an additional 10% for growth?

10. An SE is conducting a first call presentation with their Account Executive and a prospect. The prospect needs to build a private cloud but has been unable to implement the solution in-house, since using their traditional architecture would require integrating server, storage and networking solutions from six different vendors.

The cost and complexity of that approach is too high. Also their current infrastructure is not built for scalability or performance.

The prospect has considered upgrading their traditional server and SAN storage platforms but could not meet requirements for scale and performance using this approach.

In what order should the SE present the critical product and technology portions of the First Customer Presentation to the IT Director?


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