NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator Valid NS0-303 Exam Questions [2022]

NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator Valid NS0-303 Exam Questions [2022]

Most students are searching for valid NS0-303 exam questions online to prepare for NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator certification exam. Here we have valid NS0-303 practice exam providing with actual questions and correct answers to ensure that you can pass Network Appliance NS0-303 exam in the first try. Valid ITPrepare NS0-303 exam questions and answers will surely repeat in the upcoming NetApp Certified Hybrid Cloud Administrator exam and you can easily pass your dream NS0-303 exam right now.

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1. You are setting up a SnapVault relationship from on-premises AFF A800 to Cloud Volumes ONTAP using the default policy. You have three unlabeled, seven daily, and two weekly Snapshot copies.

In this situation, how many Snapshots copies will be replicated?

2. Exhibit:

Your Cloud Volumes Service export is mounted on a Red Hat Enterprise Linux instance. You can view a top-level directory listing, but you cannot create files.

Referring to the exhibit, what is the IP address of your Red Hat Enterprise Linux instance?

3. 1.A customer has configured a replication policy of a mirror-vault type to replicate data between a volume in their ONTAP cluster and Cloud Volumes ONTAP instance.

They have configured the relationship between the source and the destination volumes and also set up a replication schedule. However, the replication falls.

In this scenario, what caused this problem?

4. You have an AFF A800 configured with a Fabric Pool to the public cloud. The auto tiering policy is set on all volumes, but you are not tiering any data.

In this scenario, what are two causes for this problem? (Choose two.)

5. You ate the cloud administrator for your organization. You have identified a workload that uses too many resources from your Cloud Volumes ONTAP system in Azure, You have determined that applying a quota policy will solve this problem

In this situation, how do you apply a quota?

6. Which two network topologies would support SnapMirror data replication from Cloud Volumes ONTAP for Azure to Cloud Volumes ONTAP for AWS? (Choose two.)

7. You are trying to deploy an OnCommand Cloud Manager from the marketplace to your Azure resource group, but the deployment fails.

In this situation, what caused this problem?

8. Which component is essential for configuring a virtual private network between two public clouds?

9. Which component is used to enable failover for Cloud Volumes ONTAP HA in AWS?

10. Click the Exhibit button.

You have set the Snapshot policy shown in the exhibit on your Cloud Volumes Service for AWS.

On the 30th of the month at 10:00 p.m., how many Snapshot copies do you have?


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