Latest NetApp NCSIE ONTAP Exam NS0-184 Dumps Questions

Latest NetApp NCSIE ONTAP Exam NS0-184 Dumps Questions

To be a NetApp Certified Storage Installation Engineer, ONTAP certified, candidates are required to pass NS0-184 exam successfully to prove your skills in performing ONTAP installation services, adhering to NetApp quality standards, and using NetApp best practices. Real NS0-184 exam requires candidates to answer 60 questions with an allotted time of 1-1/2 hours to complete. If want to answer actual NS0-184 exam well, you can choose the latest NS0-184 dumps questions as the preparation materials.

Here you can test NetApp NS0-184 free dumps online:

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1. You finished the Installation of a 2-node cluster and want to determine correctly.

What are two ways to accomplish this task? (Choose two.)

2. Poppy Pet Care Kennels offers short-term accommodation for dogs whilst their owners are on holiday. The managing director of the company has initiated a project to create a new website that will allow owners to view kennel availability, book kennel accommodation and allow them to monitor their dogs whilst they are away, via a webcam.

The system will also allow kennel assistants to plan the dogs’ feeding times and schedule kennel maintenance.

Customers will be able to leave feedback on the website, which will be reviewed by the quality manager who may respond to comments made by the customer.

The following are potential actors:

A) Poppy Pet Care Kennels

B) Kennel assistants

C) The managing director

D) Customers

E) Quality manager

Which of these would be drawn as actors on the use case diagram?

3. You are assigned to install two DS2246 shelves, three DS4243 shelves, and one DS4486 shelf.

How many rack units (U space) should you account for in this rack layout?

4. Given:

Which three classes successfully override printOne()? (Choose three.)

5. A customer has a six-node cluster running NFS and FCP. The customer wants to add nodes to the cluster.

How many nodes would be added in this scenario?

6. You want to add additional nodes to a cluster.

Which action will complete this task?

7. You are installing a new cluster with a pair of NetApp CN1610 switches.

Which three statements describe how the ports are configured according to NetApp best practices? (Choose three.)

8. You are performing HA failover tests on a 2-node cluster with FAS8200 controllers. You want to observe the boot process for the storage node in takeover.

To which interface should you connect to accomplish this task?

9. You are adding nodes to an existing cluster. In this scenario, which three statements are correct? (Choose three.)

10. Exhibit.

You are asked to install a 6-node cluster running clustered Data ONTAP 9 using Cisco switches. The customer has installed Config Advisor on a PC on their network and has asked you to help them collect data.

Referring to the exhibit, which three parameters should be selected? (Choose three.)


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