MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1 (Mule 4) MCD-Level 1 Exam Dumps

MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1 (Mule 4) MCD-Level 1 Exam Dumps

MCD-Level 1 (MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1 (Mule 4)) exam validates that you can work on basic Mule 4 projects to build, test, deploy, and manage APIs and integrations. MCD-Level 1 exam dumps are great, MuleSoft MCD-Level 1 dumps questions and answers are prepared with the MuleSoft Certified Developer – Level 1 (Mule 4) exam syllabus in mind and experts keep on updating them from time to time. Candidates who go through these MCD-Level 1 real exam questions have the best chance to clear the MuleSoft MCD-Level 1 exam on the first attempt.

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1. Where are values of query parameters stored in the Mule event by the HTTP Listener?

2. Refer to the exhibits. In the color flow, both the variable named color and payload are set to "red".

An HTTP POST request is then sent to the decideColor flow's HTTP Listener.

What is the payload value at the Logger component after the HTTP request completes?

3. Where is metadata stored in a Mule project

4. A REST connect module is generated for a RAML specification. and then the rest connect module is imported in mule application in Anypoint Studio.

For each method of the RAML specification, what does the REST connect module provide?

5. A Batch Job scope has five batch steps. An event processor throws an error in the second batch step because the input data is incomplete .

What is the default behavior of the batch job after the error is thrown?

6. Refer to the exhibits.

The input array of strings is processed by the batch job that processes, filters, and aggregates the values .

What is the last message logged by the Logger component after the batch job completes processing?

7. 1.Refer to the exhibit.

The default scope in choice router recursively calls the color flow.

A web client sends a PUT request to the HTTP listener with payload Blue.

What response is returned to the web client?

8. Why would a Mule application use the ${http.port} property placeholder for its HTTP Listener port when it is deployed to CloudHub?

9. Refer to the exhibits .

What payload is logged at the end of the main flow?

10. What MuleSoft product enables publishing, sharing, and searching of APIs?


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