EC-Council 212-89 Exam Dumps [2022] To Achieve Success In EC-Council Certified Incident Handler Certification

EC-Council 212-89 Exam Dumps [2022] To Achieve Success In EC-Council Certified Incident Handler Certification

EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) certification is one popular EC-Council certification exam, which is designed to provide the fundamental skills to handle and respond to computer security incidents in an information system. EC-Council 212-89 exam dumps contain real exam questions and answers to be your good study materials for completing EC-Council ECIH certification successfully. The EC-Council ECIH 212-89 exam dumps questions are checked out by the top team of ITPrepare so you are able to effortlessly clear your EC-Council Certified Incident Handler (ECIH) exam.

Below are EC-Council ECIH 212-89 free dumps questions:

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1. Rose is an incident-handler and is responsible for detecting and eliminating any kind of scanning attempts over the network by malicious threat actors. Rose uses Wire shark to sniff the network and detect any malicious activities going on.

Which of the following Wire shark filters can be used by her to detect TCP Xmas scan attempt by the attacker?

2. Elizabeth, working for OBC organization as an incident responder, is assessing the risks facing the organizational security. During the assessment process, she calculates the probability of a threat source exploiting an existing system vulnerability.

Identify the risk assessment step Elizabeth is currently in.

3. Which of the following methods help incident responders to reduce the false-positive alert rates and further provide benefits of focusing on top priority issues, thereby reducing potential risk and corporate liabilities?

4. Computer Forensics is the branch of forensic science in which legal evidence is found in any computer or any digital media device.

Of the following, who is responsible for examining the evidence acquired and separating the useful evidence?

5. An organization named Sam Morison Inc.decided to use cloud-based services to reduce the cost of their maintenance. They first identified various risks and threats associated with cloud service adoption and

migrating critical business data to third-party systems. Hence, the organization decided to deploy cloud-based security tools to prevent upcoming threats.

Which of the following tools would help the organization to secure cloud resources and services?

6. Contingency planning enables organizations to develop and maintain effective methods to handle emergencies. Every organization will have its own specific requirements that the planning should address. There are five major components of the IT contingency plan, namely supporting information, notification activation, recovery and reconstitution and plan appendices.

What is the main purpose of the reconstitution plan?

7. Except for some common roles, the roles in an IRT are distinct for every organization.

Which among the following is the role played by the Incident Coordinator of an IRT?

8. A US Federal agency network was the target of a DoS attack that prevented and impaired the normal authorized functionality of the networks. According to agency’s reporting timeframe guidelines, this incident should be reported within two (2) HOURS of discovery/detection if the successful attack is still ongoing and the agency is unable to successfully mitigate the activity.

Which incident category of the US Federal Agency does this incident belong to?

9. When an employee is terminated from his or her job, what should be the next immediate step taken by an organization?

10. Multiple component incidents consist of a combination of two or more attacks in a system.

Which of the following is not a multiple component incident?


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