Certified Cybersecurity Technician(C|CT) 212-82 EC-Council Real Exam Questions

Certified Cybersecurity Technician(C|CT) 212-82 EC-Council Real Exam Questions

EC-Council has launched the 212-82 exam to help candidates earn the Certified Cybersecurity Technician(C|CT) certification. It is an entry-level certification for individuals starting their careers in IT and cybersecurity with a certification that validates their hands-on technical skills. Now you can choose the EC-Council CCT certification 212-82 real exam questions as the learning guide. This is the effective way to pass the EC-Council Certified Cybersecurity Technician(C|CT) exam.

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1. An MNC hired Brandon, a network defender, to establish secured VPN communication between the company's remote offices. For this purpose, Brandon employed a VPN topology where all the remote offices communicate with the corporate office but communication between the remote offices is denied.

Identify the VPN topology employed by Brandon in the above scenario.

2. Kevin, a professional hacker, wants to penetrate CyberTech Inc.’s network. He employed a technique, using which he encoded packets with Unicode characters. The company’s IDS cannot recognize the packet, but the target web server can decode them.

What is the technique used by Kevin to evade the IDS system?

3. Jaden, a network administrator at an organization, used the ping command to check the status of a system connected to the organization's network. He received an ICMP error message stating that the IP header field contains invalid information. Jaden examined the ICMP packet and identified that it is an IP parameter problem.

Identify the type of ICMP error message received by Jaden in the above scenario.

4. Henry Is a cyber security specialist hired by BlackEye - Cyber security solutions. He was tasked with discovering the operating system (OS) of a host. He used the Unkornscan tool to discover the OS of the target system. As a result, he obtained a TTL value, which Indicates that the target system is running a Windows OS. Identify the TTL value Henry obtained, which indicates that the target OS is Windows.

5. Thomas, an employee of an organization, is restricted to access specific websites from his office system. He is trying to obtain admin credentials to remove the restrictions. While waiting for an opportunity, he sniffed communication between the administrator and an application server to retrieve the admin credentials. Identify the type of attack performed by Thomas in the above scenario.

6. Arabella, a forensic officer, documented all the evidence related to the case in a standard forensic investigation report template. She filled different sections of the report covering all the details of the crime along with the daily progress of the investigation process.

In which of the following sections of the forensic investigation report did Arabella record the "nature of the claim and information provided to the officers"?

7. RAT has been setup in one of the machines connected to the network to steal the important Sensitive corporate docs located on Desktop of the server, further investigation revealed the IP address of the server Initiate a remote connection using thief client and determine the number of files present in the folder.

Hint: Thief folder is located at: Z:CCT-ToolsCCT Module 01 Information Security Threats and VulnerabilitiesRemote Access Trojans (RAT)Thief of Attacker Machine-1.

8. Cassius, a security professional, works for the risk management team in an organization. The team is responsible for performing various activities involved in the risk management process. In this process, Cassius was instructed to select and implement appropriate controls on the identified risks in order to address the risks based on their severity level.

Which of the following risk management phases was Cassius instructed to perform in the above scenario?

9. Tristan, a professional penetration tester, was recruited by an organization to test its network infrastructure. The organization wanted to understand its current security posture and its strength in defending against external threats. For this purpose, the organization did not provide any information about their IT infrastructure to Tristan. Thus, Tristan initiated zero-knowledge attacks, with no information or assistance from the organization.

Which of the following types of penetration testing has Tristan initiated in the above scenario?

10. Riley sent a secret message to Louis. Before sending the message, Riley digitally signed the message using his private key. Louis received the message, verified the digital signature using the corresponding key to ensure that the message was not tampered during transit.

Which of the following keys did Louis use to verify the digital signature in the above scenario?


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