Clear A00-215 SAS 9.4 Programming Fundamentals Exam By Using A00-215 Practice Exam Questions

Clear A00-215 SAS 9.4 Programming Fundamentals Exam By Using A00-215 Practice Exam Questions

The latest reviews for the A00-215 SAS 9.4 Programming Fundamentals Exam show that the A00-215 practice exam questions of ITPrepare are valid. Having the SAS certification A00-215 exam dumps in like manner helps you in getting all liberated from your dumps questions concerning the NS0-403 practice exam questions as these cover each and every subject in the SAS 9.4 Programming Fundamentals Exam. You can similarly get access to the SAS A00-215 practice exam inside the PDF exam plan. Download the A00-215 exam dumps pdf file to start learning now.

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1. Given the report shown below:

Which PROC PREQ step creates the frequency report?

2. The sashelp. class data set has 19 observations.

Given the frequency information about the Age, shown below:

How many observations are written to output data set when the following code is submitted?

3. Which PROC PRINT option displays variable labels in the report?

4. The following program is summited:

The following report is created:

However, the desired report is shown below:

What change is needed to display the desired formatted values for the Answer varia?

5. Which PROC SORT option allows you to create an output data set of the sorted data?

6. Given the display of the CITIES data set:

Which program creates the PROC PRINT report below?

7. 1.Which step temporarily assign a format to the sales variable?

8. What type of error does NOT produce the expected results and does NOT generate errors or warnings in the log?

9. Which statement is true regarding the XLSX engine in the LIBNAME statement?

10. Given the following code:

Which variables are created with the BY statement?


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