Real CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Administrator (CCFA) CCFA-200 Test Questions

Real CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Administrator (CCFA) CCFA-200 Test Questions

The CrowdStrike Certified Falcon Administrator (CCFA) certification offers a great opportunity for beginners or professionals to advance their careers. They can learn new in-demand skills and upgrade their knowledge. Real CCFA-200 test questions are available online, you can have the real questions and precise answers for regular practice before the actual exam. We are quite confident that with the ITPrepare real CCFA-200 test questions you will get everything that you needed to prepare and pass the challenging CCFA-200 exam with good scores.

Also, you can have a chance to feel the free CrowdStrike CCFA-200 demo questions first:

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1. What is the purpose of using groups with Sensor Update policies in CrowdStrike Falcon?

2. What command should be run to verify if a Windows sensor is running?

3. Which role will allow someone to manage quarantine files?

4. What is the purpose of precedence with respect to the Sensor Update policy?

5. Under the "Next-Gen Antivirus: Cloud Machine Learning" setting there are two categories, one of them is "Cloud Anti-Malware" and the other is:

6. When creating new IOCs in IOC management, which of the following fields must be configured?

7. Your CISO has decided all Falcon Analysts should also have the ability to view files and file contents locally on compromised hosts, but without the ability to take them off the host.

What is the most appropriate role that can be added to fullfil this requirement?

8. Which of the following is TRUE of the Logon Activities Report?

9. Where can you modify settings to permit certain traffic during a containment period?

10. Your organization has a set of servers that are not allowed to be accessed remotely, including via Real Time Response (RTR). You already have these servers in their own Falcon host group.

What is the next step to disable RTR only on these hosts?


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