New Versa Certified SD-WAN Associate VNX100 Dumps

New Versa Certified SD-WAN Associate VNX100 Dumps

The Versa Certified SD-WAN Associate (VNX100) exam is a specialized-level exam for engineers who design, optimize the performance of, administer, manage, troubleshoot, and support secure SD-WAN services on Versa Networks platforms. If you are one of them and eager to pass the VNX100 exam very much in a short time, you can choose our new VNX100 dumps as the learning materials. The new Versa Certified SD-WAN Associate VNX100 dumps will help you to understand the exam topics in a better way, then you can pass the Versa Certified SD-WAN Associate VNX100 exam smoothly.

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1. Which two statements about the Versa Secure SD-WAN solution are true? (Choose two.)

2. 1.The Versa Stateful Firewall feature offers which two security capabilities? (Choose two.)

3. A group of users notified you that they are experiencing a network outage.

In this scenario, which two Versa components would you use to verify the live status of the WAN links? (Choose two.)

4. A device is being onboarded with two Internet interfaces. Direct Internet Access (DIA) needs to be configured.

In this scenario, which two statements are true? (Choose two.)

5. Review the exhibit.

Referring to the gear icon shown in the exhibit, when would you select the gear icon for a VLAN in a template workflow?

6. Which statement about a Versa spoke-to-hub-only topology is true?

7. Which three components of Versa solution use the Versa Operating System? (Choose three.)

8. A customer has a site activation planned using script-based provisioning; however, while unboxing the SD-WAN CPE, the engineer notices that the console cable is missing.

In this scenario, what would an engineer do to initiate the script-based provisioning?

9. Which two statements about Versa Analytics are true? (Choose two.)

10. The administrator has to change the IP address of the Internet WAN link from DHCP to Static. The device template under Workflows has been updated with this change, but the change is not reflected in the branch device configuration.

In this scenario, which two steps should you take to solve this problem? (Choose two.)


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