Latest CyberArk PAM-DEF-SEN Exam Dumps Questions [2022] For Learning

Latest CyberArk PAM-DEF-SEN Exam Dumps Questions [2022] For Learning

PAM-DEF-SEN CyberArk Defender – PAM & Sentry – PAM certification exam, previously known as the CAU302 exam, is for candidates to demonstrate competency in maintaining day-to-day operations and support the ongoing performance of the CyberArk Privileged Access Management Solution. Latest CyberArk PAM-DEF-SEN exam dumps questions are available online for your learning. The PAM-DEF-SEN exam dumps are accessible to direct you in the perfect manner. The ones keen on passing the PAM-DEF-SEN CyberArk Defender – PAM & Sentry – PAM exam, possess a deliberate methodology and they are able to do it by observing the guidelines. Just choose the latest PAM-DEF-SEN exam dumps questions as your preparation materials.

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1. PSM captures a record of each command that was issues in SQL Plus.

2. The following applications are pre-configured to work with PSM. but first need to be installed on the PSM server.

3. Which file is used to configure the ENE service?

4. Any user can monitor live sessions in real time when users initiate RDP connection via Secure Connect through PSM?

5. Which of the following logs contain information about errors related to PTA?

6. Time of day of week restrictions on when password changes can occur are configured in ________________.

7. The ACME Company has been a CyberArk customer for many years. ACME Management has asked you to perform a “Health Check" review of the CyberArk deployment. During your analysis you discover that the PSM Component server is fully functional. The RDP SSL certificate is self-signed and the CyberArk Privileged Session Management Service is running under the Local Service. SSL 3.0 is enabled in the Registry.

8. Which one of the following reports is NOT generated by using the PVWA?

9. In a Disaster Recovery (DR) environment, which of the following should NEVER be configured for automatic failover due to the possibility of split-brain phenomenon?

10. In accordance with best practice. SSH access is denied for root accounts on UNIX/LINUX systems.

What is the BEST way to allow CPM to manage root accounts?


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