Fortinet NSE5_FAZ-7.0 Exam Dumps 2022 For Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 7.0 Exam Preparation

Fortinet NSE5_FAZ-7.0 Exam Dumps 2022 For Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 7.0 Exam Preparation

New Fortinet NSE5_FAZ-7.0 exam dumps are available for the Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 7.0 exam preparation. The Fortinet NSE5_FAZ-7.0 exam dumps questions are good for helping candidates for prepare and pass the Fortinet NSE 5 Network Security Analyst NSE5_FAZ-7.0 exam easily. These quality NSE5_FAZ-7.0 questions and answers are extremely important so that you’ll be ready for Fortinet NSE 5 – FortiAnalyzer 7.0 NSE5_FAZ-7.0 exam.

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1. Why should you use an NTP server on FortiAnalyzer and all registered devices that log into FortiAnalyzer?

2. An administrator has configured the following settings:

config system fortiview settings

set resolve-ip enable


What is the significance of executing this command?

3. Which daemon is responsible for enforcing raw log file size?

4. In FortiAnalyzer’s FormView, source and destination IP addresses from FortiGate devices are not resolving to a hostname .

How can you resolve the source and destination IPs, without introducing any additional performance impact to FortiAnalyzer?

5. An administrator has moved FortiGate A from the root ADOM to ADOM 1. However, the administrator is not able to generate reports for FortiGate A in ADOM 1.

What should the administrator do to solve this issue?

6. If the primary FortiAnalyzer in an HA cluster fails, how is the new primary elected?

7. Which two settings must you configure on FortiAnalyzer to allow non-local administrators to authenticate to FortiAnalyzer with any user account in a single LDAP group? (Choose two.)

8. An administrator fortinet, is able to view logs and perform device management tasks, such as adding and removing registered devices. However, administrator fortinet is not able to create a mall server that can be used to send email.

What could be the problem?

9. You’ve moved a registered logging device out of one ADOM and into a new ADOM .

What happens when you rebuild the new ADOM database?

10. Logs are being deleted from one of the ADOMs earlier than the configured setting for archiving in the data policy.

What is the most likely problem?


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