Delta – Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions HPE0-V15 Dumps With Actual Questions and Answers

Delta – Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions HPE0-V15 Dumps With Actual Questions and Answers

IT professionals who want to upgrade their HPE ATP – Hybrid IT Solutions V1 certification to HPE ATP – Hybrid IT Solutions V2 can choose to pass the HPE0-V15 Delta – Building HPE Hybrid IT Solutions exam successfully. The actual HPE0-V15 exam tests your foundational knowledge and skills of the HPE infrastructure strategy, encompassing SMB server, storage, networking, and management tools and their underlying architecture technologies. We have the HPE0-V15 dumps to help you practice all these actual questions and answers for good preparation.

Below are the HPE0-V15 free demo questions for checking:

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1. A customer needs to deploy an application on a newly-installed HPE ProLiant server, but they report that the server is not online. They call you for remote support. The IP address on the production network cannot be reached. You are evaluating the probable root causes of this issue.

According to the troubleshooting methodology, what are next two steps? (Select two)

2. When should you choose to populate a server with LRDlMMs?

3. Refer to the exhibits.

A customer is growing rapidly, and they need to add as many drives as possible to their MSA 2052 array. You created the original configuration.

How many drives can be added to the customer array? (Select two)

4. Which storage array feature records only changes made to the base volume and keeps an earlier state of the original volume?

5. A customer needs to consolidate software, hardware, and backup in a single integrated solution to reduce the cost and complexity of their IT environment

Which solution meets the customer needs?

6. You are installing a DL385 GEN10 LFF server at a customer site. The customer has a P8i6i-a RAID controller in the host After installing the provided 8 LFF disks in the front drive Days, you realize that the order also included two more SFF drives for the OS to boot from, but there are no SFF drive slots in the server, because it shipped from the factory.

Which action must be performed to finish the installation?

7. A customer recently installed a VMware environment with HPE ProLiants, HPE MSA storage, and Aruba switches.

What should you recommend to the customer to manage their support contracts with HPE?

8. A customer is implementing a redundant AD servers to support then lab environment.

They have the following requirements

• four rack servers, each with 2 CPUs from AMD. at least 256GB of RAM. FC Dual Port hba

• HPE Nimble AF20 with 17TB useable capacity

• integration into their existing HEP FlexFabric 57io and HPE SN3000B Fibre Channel SAN switches.

it the customer needs more capacity in the future, they will use scale-out growth Which server model should you recommend to this client?


Match each ProLiant solution to its ideal use case

10. A customer has a small business office and is concerned that the local storage in their current ProLiant Gen 10 server with a Linux OS Is reaching maximum capacity

Which solution should you recommend to expand the customer’s data storage capacity?


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