CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply Certification Exam: Defining Business Needs L4M2 Sample Questions

CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply Certification Exam: Defining Business Needs L4M2 Sample Questions

For IT students and professionals, CIPS Level 4 Diploma in Procurement and Supply should be a good choice to power up their careers with the right skills from the start. To earn the CIPS Level 4 Diploma certification, they need to earn 60 credits by passing eight exams below:

  1. Scope and Influence of Procurement and Supply L4M1 (12 credits)
  2. Defining Business Need L4M2 (6 credits)
  3. Commercial Contracting L4M3 (6 credits)
  4. Ethical and Responsible Sourcing L4M4 (6 credits)
  5. Commercial Negotiation L4M5 (6 credits)
  6. Supplier Relationships L4M6 (6 credits)
  7. Whole Life Asset Management L4M7 (6 credits)
  8. Procurement and Supply in Practice L4M8 (12 credits)

The L4M2 exam is one of the CIPS Level 4 exams, which values 6 credits. We have new L4M2 exam questions online to help you achieve your goal. With our practice tests and study guides, you will understand the concept of Defining Business Needs to pass the L4M2 exam.

Defining Business Needs L4M2 Sample Questions Are Below For Checking

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1. Which of the following areas is specified by ISO/IEC 27001 family?

2. What is the output of regression analysis?

3. A hospital extensively spends on medical and implantable devices, medical, surgical and pharma-ceutical supplies, costs of supplies related to buildings and maintenance operations. Hospital’s procurement manager suggests that the hospital has an opportunity to reduce operational costs by reducing variation of medical devices and pharmaceutical supplies.

Which of the following best describe the procurement manager's suggestion?

4. A procurement manager is writing a conformance specification for a non-core component. She thinks that if the requirements in specification are higher than ISO standards, her company can achieve greater cost-savings.

Is the procurement manager’s opinion correct?

5. Company A sells a product for $100. The total unit variable costs are $60. Fixed costs as in its ac-count are $20,000.

How many products does the company have to sell to achieve break-even point?

6. A procurement organisation is keen to encourage innovation available within the supply market in the execution of an upcoming significant contract opportunity. A team member suggests that the specification should define the performance indicators so that supplier's solution can be checked against them.

Which of the following will enable the organisation to achieve this goal?

7. What does the acronym RAQSCI stand for?

8. When a procurement manager considers a substitution, the number and nature of additional func-tions that substitute provides should be taken into account carefully.

Which of the following ratio could help the procurement manager to make the right decision?

9. Competitors are increasingly deploying robotics and automation to boost productivity.

Which of the below business sectors does EV Inc belong to?

10. Which of the following is the best definition of target costing?


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