Certified Supply Chain Professional CSCP Exam Questions Online

Certified Supply Chain Professional CSCP Exam Questions Online

To all, the Certified Supply Chain Professional (CSCP) certification Version 5.0 is available now. From March 31, 2022, all candidates need to register APICS CSCP 5.0 exam for earning certification. Compared with the CSCP 4.0, the V5.0 extends the exam contents to 8 modules, but the CSCP 4.0 only has 3 modules. According to the CSCP 5.0 exam contents, we have new CSCP exam questions online for your learning. The ITPrepare generally gives CSCP exam questions and answer to CSCP candidates for passing the CSCP APICS Certified Supply Chain Professional exam easily.

Try to check the Certified Supply Chain Professional CSCP free demo questions first:

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1. Compared to a blanket purchase order, a supplier alliance agreement is best differentiated by:

2. Which of the following indicators is most appropriate to use as a measure of supply chain utilization?

3. A corporation must consider which of the following factors when selecting its enterprise resources planning system?

4. Which of the following results can be expected from sharing a common understanding of demand and consumption patterns among supply chain participants?

5. Which of the following forecasting methods relies on the opinions of a panel of experts?

6. Which of the following consequences is a result of shipping directly from the point of manufacture to the customer rather than through a distribution network?

7. The purpose of continuous improvement in the supply chain is to:

8. A company that sells direct to industrial and commercial businesses has become successful by being responsive to the needs of its customers. The company currently produces in each country all of the products it sells in that country. Several countries in which the company operates have negotiated an agreement to establish a trading bloc.

Which of the following actions by the company would be most appropriate if the agreement is implemented?

9. Which of the following strategies is used primarily for demand planning?

10. 1.A company manufactures special products for select customers. When demand for these products drops, the manufacturer can switch the production line to a commodity-type product that can be sold on the open market at reduced terms to generate cash.

The company is executing a corporate strategy that is based on:


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