Best Flutter Certified Application Developer AFD-200 Exam Questions

Best Flutter Certified Application Developer AFD-200 Exam Questions

Choose the best AFD-200 exam questions to prepare for Flutter Certified Application Developer certification exam and pass for enhancing your potential in the ever-growing mobile development market and push your development career forward since it verifies that you have adequate knowledge to be considered an iOS and Android developer. The AFD-200 exam is available in English and Spanish, which contains 45 multiple-choice questions. Students are required to answer all in 90m minutes. To answer smoothly, you are highly recommended to practice AFD-200 exam with the best AFD-200 exam questions.

Free Flutter Certified Application Developer AFD-200 Exam Questions Below

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1. A floating action button in Flutter development is by default a circular icon button, and you should add the Icon widget as a child widget of FloatingActionButton widget.

Which of the following choices is correct to add a phone icon to the FloatingActionButton widget in a Flutter app?

2. This widget helps you to have a specific width and/or height between widgets.

Which of the following term is this definition for?

3. ................. command checks your environment and displays a report of the status of your Flutter and Android Studio other than IDE software installation.

Which of the following choices is the correct answer to fill in the blank above?

4. Which of the following choices is the best answer for adding an image from your computer hard disk to a Flutter project?

5. presentation [The image of this question includes a Flutter app interface run result as it appears on Android and on iOS emulators. When the app user taps the button on the app title bar, he/she will get a menu with some items.

Which of the following Flutter widgets is used to create this type of buttons ?

6. The image in this question includes a part of Android Studio tools bar.

Which of the following choices is correct about the missing icon name (represented by question marks)?

7. A Stateful widget is a dynamic widget which can change the appearance of its content in response to events triggered by user's interactions or when it receives data.

8. In Flutter, AlertDialog Widget is similar to a small interface which appears for a few seconds at the bottom of the app user interface when the app user takes a specific action such as clicking a button.

9. 1.When you want to create a Flutter app, you need to configure a lot of widgets and change their format. You don't need to create everything from scratch. You can easily add the Scaffold class or widget to your app. This class implements the basic material design visual layout structure for your app.

10. If you want to create a Flutter app using a Mac computer, you need to install Android Studio or another IDE software and another prerequisite software Flutter SDK. However, you can test your Flutter apps using IPhone emulator only.


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