Best 8010 Exam Questions & Answers For Operational Risk Manager (ORM) Exam [2022]

Best 8010 Exam Questions & Answers For Operational Risk Manager (ORM) Exam [2022]

Candidates, who are about to pass Operational Risk Manager (ORM) Exam successfully, are recommended to choose the best 8010 exam questions & answers for the preparation. All the 8010 exam questions and answers have been verified then you definitely must get the 8010 pdf questions to prepare Operational Risk Manager (ORM) exam and pass successfully. In brief, acquiring the best 8010 exam questions & answers from ITPrepare will save up your time and money in an easy way.

Below are 8010 free exam questions online for testing first:

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1. The risk that a counterparty fails to deliver its obligation upon settlement while having received the leg owed to it is called:

2. For a 10 year interest rate swap, what would be the worst time for a counterparty to default (in terms of the maximum likely credit exposure)

3. If F be the face value of a firm's debt, V the value of its assets and E the market value of equity, then according to the option pricing approach a default on debt occurs when:

4. The VaR of a portfolio at the 99% confidence level is $250,000 when mean return is assumed to be zero. If the assumption of zero returns is changed to an assumption of returns of $10,000, what is the revised VaR?

5. Which of the following are ordered correctly in the order of debt seniority in a bankruptcy situation?

I. Equity, Subordinate debt, Senior debt

II. Senior debt, Preferred stock, Equity

III. Secured debt, Accounts payable, Preferred stock

IV. Secured debt, DIP financing, Equity

6. Which of the following statements are true?

I. Risk governance structures distribute rights and responsibilities among stakeholders in the corporation

II. Cybernetics is the multidisciplinary study of cyber risk and control systems underlying information systems in an organization

III. Corporate governance is a subset of the larger subject of risk governance

IV. The Cadbury report was issued in the early 90s and was one of the early frameworks for corporate governance

7. When compared to a low severity high frequency risk, the operational risk capital requirement for a medium severity medium frequency risk is likely to be:

8. CreditRisk+, the actuarial model for calculating portfolio credit risk, is based upon:

9. Which of the following contributed to the systemic failure during the credit crisis that began in 2007?

10. A bank's detailed portfolio data on positions held in a particular security across the bank does not agree with the aggregate total position for that security for the bank .

What data quality attribute is missing in this situation?


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