ACP Cloud Computing Certification ACP-Cloud1 Exam Dumps Questions For Reading

ACP Cloud Computing Certification ACP-Cloud1 Exam Dumps Questions For Reading

Those who are familiar with cloud computing and with a rich operational knowledge of Alibaba Cloud products can choose to pass the ACP-Cloud1 exam to earn the ACP Cloud Computing Certification. Real Alibaba Cloud ACP-Cloud1 exam is available in English, which requires achieving 65 out of 100 to make sure you have passed the ACP-Cloud1 ACP Cloud Computing Certification exam. Alibaba Cloud ACP-Cloud1 exam dumps questions are available for reading to prepare for the ACP Cloud Computing Certification exam well.

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1. Which of the following statements is NOT correct, when comparing RDS with a self-built database?

2. Names of the files in each OSS bucket must be unique Also, they can be renamed.

3. When creating an ECS instance in your Alibaba Cloud VPC, you must specify a VSwitch for that instance at the same time. Otherwise, you will not be able to create this ECS instance.

4. For ECS and RDS instances under different Alibaba Cloud accounts but in the same region, which of the following statements is NOT correct for migrating self-built MySQL databases (running on ECS) to RDS?

5. Alibaba Cloud Elastic Compute Service (ECS) instances in different Security Groups will definitely have no way to communicate with each other.

6. Which of the following privilege is required to manually install Alibaba Clod Security Center on the server?

7. By using ApsaraDB for RDS to implement read/write splitting, which of the following can be achieved? (Number of correct answers 2)

8. If you want to build a secure and isolated network environment on Alibaba Cloud; meanwhile, design your network topology and specify Intranet IP addresses or CIDR Blocks in this network environment as needed, you can choose

9. SLB is a load balancing service that distributes traffic to multiple cloud servers It provides a wide range of functions to meet the needs of various business scenarios If a user wants to use SLB and ECS instances to deploy two-way authenticated HTTPS websites, the following statement is correct_______.

10. RDS provides whitelist access policies. You can set permitted IP addresses and IP network segments to effectively prevent hackers from attacking the server by port scanning.


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