Ace Your Jira Cloud Administrator ACP-120 Exam with ITPrepare’s ACP-120 Study Guide

Ace Your Jira Cloud Administrator ACP-120 Exam with ITPrepare’s ACP-120 Study Guide

ITPrepare is here to help you prepare for the ACP-120 Jira Cloud Administrator exam! The latest ACP-120 study guide of ITPrepare is available to assist candidates in their preparation journey. We have 28 practice questions and answers in a pdf file to provide an all-in-one solution for candidates. With ITPrepare’s study guide, you can be confident in your knowledge of the exam content and increase your chances of passing the ACP-120 exam successfully. Get started with ITPrepare’s Jira Cloud Administrator ACP-120 study guide today and take the first step towards earning your certification.

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1. The Legal team has the following requirements

● Notify a list of individuals when issues are set to Pending status

● Allow project administrators to manage that list on an ongoing basis

Which combination of two configuration elements will meet these requirements (Choose two)

2. You set up an incoming mail server and a mail handler to Create a new issue or add a comment to an existing issue

Which three additional options can you set with the mail configuration

3. Henry was recently assigned multiple issues in a classic software project. He has not received any email notifications about the assignment of these issues but he received notifications about other changes to issues from this and other projects.

Identify two possible reasons (Choose two)

4. Gary complains that he is not getting any notifications when issues are updated.

According to the notification helper, he should receive notifications for all issues he is watching. His coworkers confirm they receive those notifications and they regularly update issues that he is watching.

Which update to Gary’s personal settings must have occurred (Choose one)

5. You created a new project and need to configure notifications.

Managers should be notified when

● Someone mentions them while adding or editing a comment

● The issue assignee or reporter is changed

● Issue links are added or deleted

You assume that users have not turned off any notifications through their Personal settings Identify the two notification events to which managers should definitely be added (Choose two)

6. Which configurations do NOT have any impact on user notifications? (Choose one)

7. 1.Your Jira cloud instance has hundreds of projects which are used only by the development team at your organization.

All projects share a single permission scheme New business requirements state:

● Customer support staff at your organization need to view all issues in all projects

● They also need to share filters with other users

● They should not be granted too much access

Identify the appropriate way to configure customer support staff in Jira (Choose one)

8. Alana has set up a new incoming mail handler to create issues or add a comment to an existing issue.

All new issues should be unassigned to triage them individually. You have not set up any components.

Sometimes issues are being randomly assigned to various users upon creation.

Which configuration can cause the observed behavior? (Choose one)


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